not Partisanship

Leadership, not Partisanship– My commitment to the office of Vanderburgh Commissioner is to be a nonpartisan official who utilizes data, trends, and case studies to govern. We need to track and gather solid numbers in order to analyze where we can best spend our money. If we are prudent and deliberative with our money we will be able to meet our obligations and avoid future tax increases. 

A Commitment to Good Taxpayer Stewardship- As an accountant I have experience and training to assure that your hard-earned tax dollars are not wasted and in ways that will benefit our community for generations to come.

Fixing our Crumbling Infrastructure– Despite 3 gas tax increases in 6 years the roads in Vanderburgh County are in the worse shape they have ever been. The state legislature has amassed a $6,000,000,000 surplus of your money. I will fight to return this money back to Vanderburgh County to fix our infrastructure.

Advocating for Local Control- For decades, special interests and big business in Indianapolis have taken the right to govern away from City and County governments making our neighborhoods less safe and our economy less competitive. I believe government that governs closest to the people governs best, and I will advocate for local control.

A Champion for Quality of Life- A strong Quality of Life and Place is the key determinate of our community’s future growth. It is how we retain and attract talent, but more importantly it is how we, as current citizens, take pride in where we live. Our community must be safe, affordable, and fun. Many studies have determined that communities that have great quality of life and place attract higher paying and more stable jobs. As commissioner quality of life and place will be my top priority. Take our campaign’s quality of life survey to let your voice be heard.

Recapturing our Community’s Wealth– There are currently 10,000 open jobs in Vanderburgh County alone. This represents missed opportunities to increase the overall wealth of our community. If we were to only fill half of those jobs, it would conservatively represent approximately $250,000,000 more into our local economy each year. To fill these positions and grow our economy, we must focus on three things:

Quality of Life and Quality of Place- attracting and retaining the workforce is critical to our community’s long-term success.

Focusing on job training and career readiness in all our schools. Our workforce must be ready to meet the demands of new industries and technologies.

Supporting a public-private partnership for childcare. There is a critical lack of childcare in our community many parents must wait years to find a spot in a licensed facility. Many parents are unable to work full-time or at all. I will work with business, non-profits, and state/local government to provide a better and more affordable way.

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